Saturday, January 18, 2014

Top Free Android Apps: The Gaming apps.

The choosing of the right games from the billion apps on Google Play Store is a difficult thing. Sometimes the user spends a lot of time in downloading the game which he doesn't like.
There are number of lousy apps in the Android Market which is considered as junk. The user has to choose the gems from these junks. In spite of helping you to find these gems we make this list of Top Free Android Apps for gaming. The list is made in accordance of high user ratings and also the most uncommon games which may be not familiar with your friends.

A list of Top Free Android Apps for Gaming is given below:

Galaxy Defense:

The Galaxy Defense is developed by War Games Team, in which they have used the most realistic sound and graphics and reflects the war and its situation. In this game the gamer has to battle his own Army by using Rockets, Cannon, machine Guns and more.

Madden NFL 25:

Are you a soccer lover then Madden NFL 25 is the right choice? The app also enables you to choose your favorite players to build a perfect team for having the ultimate Soccer experience. The game is developed by EA Sports, a reliable team that builds Football/Soccer game. This game is also available in the paid version.

In Gravity: Don't Let Go:

Gravity: Don't Let Go is the game about how the gamer will survive in space. A mission of the space has gone completely unstable, the gamer has to fix the spaceship and rescue his other partners to return to the earth. The unique sound and graphics make it the most different from the other game.

Air Control:

The most popular game in the Google Play Store.In this game the player has to land all the aircraft to its specific runway without making them crash with one another. The game is so much fun to play for its fantastic sound. Ultimately the game is found in paid version but another technically free add-supported version is also available in Google Play Store.

Total Conquest:

The Total Conquest game is developed by Gameloft. It’s a strategy game. By being Roman Governor the gamer has to protect his own town. The gamer is also enabled to develop his own army to protect and kill his enemies by war, traps, building high safety walls and much more. The high scorer can publish their achievement to social networking sites i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

Android Phones have become a constant companion in our day to day life. It can be used in various purposes like educational, entertainment, medium of communication and many more. When we come about entertainment there is no alternative of these Games. These are all free and pretty impressive to play. So can say that, these games are the Top Free Android Apps of the Google Play Store.

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